Class Schedule Adults DC - K str. NW

Adults classes are held at 1629 K Str., Suite 300, Washington DC 20006: we use several offices and a conference room.
We choose quality over quantity: our classes have between 3 and 6 participants to make sure everyone gets a lot of attention and progress better and faster.
If you don't know your level, you can do this self-evaluation or contact us for a short assessment.

French for Beginners (A1) (Survival classes 12h or Blue classes 20 h)
French for Elementary Speakers (A2) (Conversation Classes or Grammar Classes)
French for intermediate Speakers (B1) (Conversation Classes or Grammar Classes)
French for Advanced and Bilingual Speakers (B2- C1)

Choose your Beginner A1 Class

* Survival 1 (A1 -1) for complete beginners - 12 hours - $240
Learn the basics in a fun interactive way using a full immersion communicative methodology.

EVENINGS- Survival 1 - Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm - July 11th to August 29th - 1.5 hours over 8 weeks.

SATURDAYS- Survival 1 - Saturdays 10:30-12:30pm- July 27th to Aug 31st - 2 hours over 6 weeks.

MORNINGS- Survival 1 INTENSIVE (Mo to Thu) from 8:00am to 9:30am - July 15th to 25th- 8 sessions of 1.5 hours over 2 weeks.

** Survival 2 (A1 -2) for beginners with some knowledge- 12 hours - $240
Learn more basics to be able to survive in a French speaking country! (You must have some knowledge to register for this class).

EVENINGS- Survival 2 - Thursdays 6-8pm - July 18th to Aug 22nd - 2 hours over 6 weeks.

SATURDAYS- Survival 2 - Saturdays 12:30-2:30pm- July 27th to Aug 31st - 2 hours over 6 weeks. __________________________________________________________________

NEW! Improve your understanding A1

You struggle to understand authentic dialogs? It's hard for you to recognize the spoken words? This oral comprehension workshop will help you.
For beginners (A1-1 or A1-2) with some knowledge.

- Oral Understanding A1 - Tuesdays 6-7:30pm from July 16th to Aug 13th 1.5h over 5 weeks- $150

*** Survival 3 (A1-3) for advanced beginners- 12 hours - $240
Learn more to be an elementary speaker! Must have done Survival 1 and 2 (or Bleu 1 and 2) or have finished A1-2 level.

- Survival 3 - Tuesdays 6-7:30pm - From July 16th to Sept 3rd - 1.5 hours over 8 weeks.

Choose your Elementary A2 Class

**** Survival 4 (A1-4) for starting elementary - 12 hours - $240
Learn to use all the past and future tenses! For students who have done A1-3.

- Survival 4 - Wednesdays 6:00 to 7:30pm from July 10th to Aug 28th - 1.5 hours over 8 weeks.

**** Survival 5 (A2-1)- 12 hours - $240
Learn to use the conditional and the subjunctive. For students who have done the Survival 4 or are A2 (elementary).

- New dates will be posted soon - as alternative we suggest Grammar in Dialog A2/B1-

***** Conversation and Grammar (A2) - 12 hours $240 or 7.5 hours $150
For Elementary (A2) students who want to train and perfect their conversation skills and fluidity of the language, while learning and reviewing grammar rules. 1.5 hours over 5, or 8 weeks.

- Conversation and Grammar (A2) Workshop - Thu 7:30-9:00pm - July 11th to Aug 8th- $150

- Conversation and Grammar (A2) Workshop - Thu 7:30-9:00pm - Aug 15th to Sept 12th- $150 (you can register after July 11th)


***** Grammar in Dialogues (A2/B1-) - 7.5 hours $150
For Elementary (A2) or low intermediate (B1-) students who want to strengthen their grammar skills in a fun workshop. We will work on authentic dialogs - and therefore on your oral comprehension- to review grammar rules (comparatif, pronouns y and en, past tenses, conditionnel, subjonctif).

- Grammar in Dialogues (A2/B1) 7.5 hours - Mondays 6-7:30pm - July 29th to Aug 26th - 1.5 over 5 weeks - $150

**** Travel Hacks: The remedy to your travel troubles! (A1-3 to A2+)
This class focuses on "more complicated" dialogs and conversations when traveling abroad. We address tricky travel problems such as explaining your symptoms to a doctor, finding medicine for when you're sick, how to handle getting pick pocketed, or how to deal with trouble at the airport or train station (lost luggage, taxis, delays, etc.). Finally how to shop and bargain for cool souvenirs.

- Travel Hacks - Wed 7:30 to 9:00pm - July 17th to Aug 7th - 1.5h over 4 weeks - Tuition $120 - MORE HERE

Choose your Intermediate B1 Class

***** Conversation and Grammar B1- 12 hours $240 or 7.5 hours $150.
This class is for Intermediate students (B1) who want to improve their conversation skills and strengthen some grammar points at the same time. We have a new program every session, so you can repeat this class several times as long as you are B1 or above.

EVENINGS- Conversation and Grammar (B1) Class 12 hours - Wed 6-7:30pm - July 10th to August 28th - $240

Conversation and Grammar (B1) workshop 7.5 hours - Sat 11am to 12:30pm from July 27th to August 24th - $150

****** Les News (B1+/ B2 and above) - 12 hours $240 or 7.5 hours $150
Let's talk about current events in French and improve our understanding and debating skills. This class has a new syllabus every period and a hands-on curriculum to better integrate the participants' needs! Can be repeated several times as long as you are B1+ and above.

- News Workshop- Tue 7:30-9:00pm - July 30th to Aug 27th- 1.5 hours over 5 weeks - $150.

Choose your Advanced B2/C1 Class

****** Perfect your French! Conversation and Grammar B2/C1- 12 hours - $240
Class for advanced speakers (B2+) who would like to empower their French with better oral and written skills.
NEW EVERY SESSION, can be repeated several times.

- Perfect French (B2+) Wed 7:30-9pm - June 12th to July 31st - 1.5 hours over 8 weeks - $240.