Kids and Teens

The French Academy offers fun immersion classes for children from all ages and all proficiency levels in Chevy Chase and Alexandria

We also offer classes for French and English speaking children in Baltimore. Check the Baltimore schedule for kids here.

Our Classes

Group classes for small children (1.5 - 6 years) for English or French speaker

- Les Moineaux (1.5 to 4 years)
- Les Poussins (4 to 6 years)
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Class Description

- A playful class with activities similar to what children would do in a French maternelle. They learn words and sentences, using them in songs, dance, games, and stories. Crafts, drawings and pre-school writing activities will develop their fine motor abilities. For older children, we introduce some writing activities to get started with the French alphabet, and sound/letter recognition in simple words.

-The class is in full immersion and therefore suited for French or English speaking children. At a young age, children are very intuitive and beginners will learn fast. French speaking children will talk and interact more, while English speakers will need more time to pronounce the words, but they will understand very quickly.
Babies and toddlers will build new vocabulary through puppets, images, songs and situations, similar to the way they are building these skills with the language spoken at home.

- Typical program:
Greetings, songs and dance
Numbers and letters routine
Meeting our friends (Monsieur nez rouge, Grabouilla la sorcière, les souris, ...)
Interacting on our topic (talk, sing and dance)
Word recognition activity for older children
Story time and little craft; writing project for older children
Au revoir!

- The plus:
+ We recreate an authentic language environment (no flash cards methodology!)
+ Teachers are native speakers (no accent!)
+ Child focused approach

First things we learn:
- Greetings
- Who's who
- Numbers up to 20 (or more!)
- Animal names
- Food
- Colors and forms
- Anatomy, clothing ...
- Weather
- Daily life activities
- Seasonal themes
- A lot of songs!

Note: It's good to repeat some topics sometimes as long as the activities are different and develop different capacities in the children (cognitive, motorik etc..). Children need repetition to learn :)
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Group Classes for English speaking children: "Les Grands", for kids betweeen 6 and 12

- Level 1: for beginners
- Level 2: for strong beginners- elementary speakers
- Level 3: for intermediate
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Group classes for French speaking children: Les P'tits Francais (6-13 years)

Level 0 (6-7 ans) = corresponding to CP
Level I (7-8 ans) = corresponding to CE1
Level II (9-11 ans) = corresponding to CE2 - CM1
Level III (11-13 ans) = corresponding to CM2 - 6ième

The class level depends not only on the children's age, but also on their proficiency. We offer personalized teaching, which allows us to give more attention and extra activities to children having difficulties or on the contrary, challenge those who learn faster with more material.
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Pedagogical workshops for all levels for kids between 3 and 13

Yoga, Art, Mythology, Christmas, Halloween...
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Camps for all levels for kids between 4 and 13

Summer Camps in Chevy Chase or Alexandria for English or French speaking children
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Private lessons and Tutoring - Test Preparation

Perfect for busy children, and kids who need some extra support.
We offer private lessons and test preparation, especially for AP or IB French.
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Special courses for schools and institutions

The French Academy provides a high quality French program to daycares, children centers, community centers, pre-schools, kindergarten, elementary schools and middle schools. Our curricula are tailor-made to your needs, offering you fun before or after school classes, or solid French programs following ACTFL standards.
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The course curriculum focuses primarily on oral communication, although reading and writing will be introduced according to the child's age and abilities. In our French world your children will meet new friends (hand puppets for our youngest students) and will have a lot of fun. We use authentic materials: children books, songs, TV programs, movies and magazines for teens, plus a lot of interactive games and activities that make learning grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation very fun!
In our classes for French speakers, the focus will be on reading and writing. Text analyses and discussions are also an important part of the curriculum to make sure the children build strong communicative skills.


Most of our classes are held in Chevy Chase (DC), some in Alexandria (VA). In many of our groups, and especially the teenagers', we have up to 5 participants (max. 8). These small sized classes allow us to work intensively. Your child will progress faster and in a more comfortable environment.
We also have classes for children in Baltimore. Please check our Baltimore Website.

Description of children's classes You can easily fit some fun in French into your family's plans. In our group classes we give every child personalized attention.

Schedule of children's classes for seasonal workshops and regular classes.

French for bilingual children Our Classes for French speaking children focus on developing and reinforcing reading and writing skills. We use authentic grammar, spelling and text material. Our curriculums are based on typical activities taught in French schools.

French for Parties play dates, birthdays and more. If you are looking for something new and original to offer at your child's birthday party, try our fun and original program: French songs, games and crafts!

French Camps for Kids (5-12 years) The French Academy offers camps in French immersion for children between 5 and 13 years old in Chevy Chase (DC) or Alexandria (VA).

Kids should learn another language It is very important for children to be introduced to a foreign language and different cultures as early as possible.

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