Class Schedule Workshops at Union Market DC

The French Academy is now offering fun and dynamic workshops at Union Market* with Linda Letyrant, our French Foodie.

On Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, while it’s quiet at Union market, you can now learn French!
Sit casually and get a drink or something to eat while you learn new vocabulary, practice your oral skills, debate and have fun.

* Union Market is a trendy place with restaurants and local vendors selling creative and tasty food. It’s located at 1309 5th St NEWashington, DC 20002 - easy to reach with public transport or by car. You’ll find a lot of free parking spots.

For Beginners

French Workshop at Union Market for beginners (A1-0/A1-1)
Wednesdays 6:30-8pm over 5 weeks (7.5 hours) - Tuition: $150
This five-week workshop is for complete beginners or speakers with a little bit of knowledge (some words), who want to be able to use their French in cafes, restaurants, or at the market. If you are travelling to a French speaking country soon and need to buy or order food, this workshop is for you!

The curriculum will teach you to:
-Present yourself (tell your name, nationality, spell your name, greet someone correctly)
-Understand French phonetics, so you can read menus out loud and sound French!
-Know numbers, so you are able to understand prices.
-Buy fruits, vegetables, bread and more at the market.
-Reserve or ask for a table at a restaurant.
-Order food and drinks at a cafe or restaurant.
-Know important questions to ask in a restaurant.

- From Wednesday March 7th to April 4th

- From Wednesday April 11th to May 9th
- From May 23rd to June 20th

For Intermediate or Advanced Speakers

French Workshop at Union Market for Intermediate speakers (B1 and above)
Tuesdays 6:30-8pm over 5 weeks (7.5 hours) - Tuition: $150

This five-week workshop is for intermediate or advanced speakers who want to practice French conversation in a casual setting.

This workshop is for you if you feel that you lack practice. If you indeed struggle to talk, find your words, or if you feel that you are losing your French because you don’t have the opportunity to use it in a structured way - with a teacher correcting your mistakes - come and have fun with us!

You will receive material after registration: documents with articles and videos to prepare and discuss in class. We will talk about the news, food, culture, and any topics you would like to talk about with Linda, our French foodie.
We work in partnership with Panorama Bakery, and Chef Damien Letyrant will sometimes be our guest to talk about French food, and especially yummy pastries.

We change the curricula every workshop, so you can repeat that class as many times as you want as long as you are B1 and above.

- From From Tuesday March 6th to April 3rd

- From Tuesday April 10th to May 8th
- From May 22nd to June 19th