French Immersion Camps in Chevy Chase

For children between 5 and 12 years old.
Where: at the Chevy Chase Baptist Church of Washington, 5671 Western Avenue NW, Washington DC 20015
When: July-August, from Monday to Friday, 9:00am-12pm or 9 to 4:00pm. After Care until 5:30pm. Early care from 8 to 9am.


- $290/ week for half days
- $400/week for full days (per child).
- After care costs about $130/week/child from Mo-FRI, 4 to 5:30pm. Early care on demand.
The price may vary according to the number of children needing it. You wil pay for it on the first day of the camp.


We prepare a fun theme for every week with playful and educational activities that will make learning French a game or a thrilling experience. The camps are intended for all levels of proficiency. We will do artistic activities and games. Non-French speakers will be in full immersion.
Group settings: while playful activities (games, art projects) are planned with the whole group, kids will be separated in proficiency groups (based on age and their French level) for language activities.

1) In the group for English Speakers (from beginners to 2 years of French):
Whether your child is a beginner in French or has been doing some classes, he/she will have a great experience at our French camps for English speakers. The camps are in complete immersion, but making sure the children improve according to their skills and abilities. Our tutors are native speakers and have experience with children.
Our goal is to recreate a natural language environment, in which the children will learn easily, fast and with a lot of fun!

What do we do?
In the morning, the children have intensive French lessons. We will talk for ex. about friends, family, animals, the weather, food, sport, school, daily habits or more content tailor-made to the level of the children. Our program is based on communication: the children don’t just learn vocabulary, but learn how to ask and answer questions, and formulate sentences.
In the afternoon, the group is mixed with the advanced speakers. In full immersion, we play games, sing, play skits; and do some crafts according to the interests of the children and the theme of the week. Playing and doing fun things together facilitate the language learning process. Some parents noticed that their children learn more in a week camp than during a whole classical semester. This is due to our small sized groups and our personalized instruction. Next to the language experience, your child will also make new friends, and learn to communicate in a creative way!

2) Group for advanced, bilingual or French speaking children in Chevy Chase
This group is for children who have already strong French knowledge or are bilingual/ French speakers.
Even though the camps are really fun and playful; many activities are educational as well. They reinforce the language skills of the children, such as their abilities to debate, present little projects, tell or read a story, or play a skit.

What do we do?
In the morning, the children have more pedagogical activities: discussions, reading and writing activities in relation with our weekly theme. Our native and experienced tutors make sure that every child will excel according to her/ his abilities. The afternoon is more recreational: we play games, sing, play skits and do some crafts according to the interests of the children.

3) Typical Camp Day
- Welcome
- Language/ Educational activities (reading, writing, oral expression)
- Art Project (drama, songs, art, crafts) or Games
- Lunch
- Games mostly outside unless the weather is really bad
- Story time
- Art Projects (drama, songs, art, crafts)
- Good-Bye!


Dates and weekly themes 2018: Please register with your full payment at least 4 weeks before the camp start.

June 25th- 29th
- Notre club de théatre - our little Drama Club"
Let's create skits, songs, decors and costumes.

July 9th-13th - "Nos animaux préférés - our favorite animals"
Let's talk about animals, play, draw, sing and more.

July 16th-20th - "Les petits artistes - little artists"
Let's draw, paint and create fun pieces of art.

July 23rd-27th - "Les super heroes"
Let's play super heroes, and discover who they are and what they like to do.

July 30th- Aug 3rd - "On adore les Légos - we love Legos"
Let's play with Legos and create characters, places and fun stories.

Aug 6th- 10th - "Les Pirates des Caraibes" (Register before July 28th or send us an email for late registrations)
Let's discover pirates' ways, treasures and exotic places.

Aug 13th-17th - if we have at least 6 children registering, we will have one more camp week. Please register before July 31st.

To register, send the registration form below together with your payment
via check sent to French Academy 5749 Governors Pond Cir Alexandria VA22310, or via Paypal (see below, Paypal paymrents include 3.5% fees).

Register Chevy Chase - Tuition $400 or $290

By submitting this registration, I understand and agree to comply with the terms and policies of the French Academy DC,MD,VA LLC.

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