French for Parties

... play dates, birthdays and more

If you are looking for something new and original to offer at your child’s birthday party, try our fun and original program: French songs, games and crafts!

How does it work?

1- Book your party 3 weeks in advance
2- Choose between a 1, 1-1/2, or 2-hour program
3- Tell us about the children: their age, French level, and interests (arts and crafts, sports and games, vocabulary, cooking, stories and drama); and we will prepare our activities accordingly such as: Let’s talk French: Initiation to the French language through vocabulary games. French classical party games: le béret; 1,2,3 soleil; le loup; la marelle; feu sur la colline, le chef d’orchestre etc…Singing songs and dancingArts and craftsStory telling, book reading and drama4- One of our youth teachers comes to your party!

Pricing (Materials included):
1 hour: $75; 1-1/2 hours: $100; 2 hours: $125

Reservation Form- French for Parties

French level of the participants:

Program should focus on: